What Does Your Tag Say?

How many times have you got into a conversation with someone and suddenly you are exchanging battle stories with them?  It begins rather innocently with you telling them about a time in your life when you went through something you thought was incredibly awful and how it either devastated you or how you overcame it.  Suddenly, before you can even complete your story, the person you’re talking with jumps in attempting to outdo your story with their own equally awful tale of woe.  Before you know it, you are in a conversation of wills that seems to go on forever because both of you are trying to outdo the other one with your tales.
Everyone in this world has a story to tell. Some end in tragedy and some end in triumph. Sadly, whether the tragedy was in the past or it is something currently being experienced, we don’t realize that we have the ability to turn either situation into a victory.  We become so focused on proving to the world that we have been deeply wronged, or that we are owed something for what we have gone through that we never realize that the world is slipping right past us.

Which category do you fall in?

Are you focused on your wounds and scars and show them over and over again to the world or have you been able to overcome them and succeed in life?

The other day, I purchased a leather purse. In addition to the price tag, there was another little tag on it that I found rather interesting. I know I have seen it on other leather items, but it made me stop and think for a moment.  This is what was on the tag:

“This product is not faulty or damaged. All markings, scaring, and discolorations on this product are normal and enhance its natural beauty.”

Does your tag read like the one on the purse or does you tag sound more like this:

“This product has been unfairly damaged. All markings, scaring, and discolorations on this product are the result of being victimized. This is not normal and does not enhance its natural beauty.  ”

I’m almost certain that you have had some terrible things happen to you in your life. Despite these unfortunate circumstances, you absolutely have the ability, and the choice, to live your life with significance and victory. It is your choice as to what your “label” says about you – accomplishment or defeat.

Every scar, mark, and negative experience that you have gone through has the potential to help you have an impact on the lives of individuals around you. I’m certain you have encountered other people that are going through some of the same types of things you already experienced.  This is your opportunity to reach out to them and say:  “I know exactly what you are going through.  I’ve been in your shoes and look at me now!  I was able to persevere and overcome the same situation you are in right now.  If I was able to do it I know you can too!”

Remember – accomplishments in life never comes easy. If they did, then everyone would be able to reach their full potential and purpose in life.  You have the power to decide which way you want your life to go.  What does your tag say?

Susan Karim

Time Management and Personal Effectiveness Coach

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