The Four Agreements – Words Of Wisdom by don Miguel Ruiz

1.  Be impeccable with your word – don’t say it unless you mean it, and if it’s gossip, keep a lid on it.

2.  Don’t take anything personally – what other people say or do isn’t because of you, it’s because of their own  life experiences.

3.  Don’t make assumptions – preconceived ideas about what other people think can get you into trouble, and rigid  notions of how things should be lead to disappointment.

4.  Always do your best, but no more – post facto, browbeating is pointless.

don Miguel Ruiz
The First Agreement

“Be impeccable with your word,” brings me clarity.  If I’m impeccable with my word all the time, if I never gossip,  if I always do everything I say I will, including being on time, my mind is clearer.  That first agreement leads to  the ability to keep the others.

The Second Agreement

“Don’t take anything personally,” was life-changing.  For years I’d had the disease to please.  If someone asked me  to do something, I felt I had no choice.  It was like, ‘Oh, I’ve gotta.’  What’s more, I took other people’s  opinions about me to heart.  I’d read the tabloids and think, ‘Why do they say things that aren’t true?  Why make up  stories?’  And I’d be hurt.  Maya Angelou used to tell me, ‘You’re not in it,’ meaning, these people don’t know who  you are.  They’re not people who give you anything.  But it took this book to really drive home the point that everyone’s acting out of their own preconceptions.  they’re in their own personal movie.  Knowing that has freed me.   If someone asks me for a favor, I will do it only if I want to.  But the ‘have to’ is gone, because I don’t take  other people’s reactions personally.

The Third Agreement

“Don’t make assumptions,” can save you so much anxiety and grief.  You allow experiences to be what they are, rather  than focusing on what should happen or what people should or could do.

The Fourth Agreement

“Always do your best,” that’s ingrained in me.  I know it’s worth it to give 100 percent and then some.  When I do  my best, I never have to worry that I could have done better.  But I’ve learned to let go of the expectations and  the anxiety about what others will think.

Ancient Toltec Wisdom

Author don Miguel Ruiz says The Four Agreements was inspired by the ancient Toltec teaching of his native Mexico.   Centuries ago, the Toltec were known throughout southern Mexico as women and men of knowledge.  Anthropologists have  spoken of them as a nation or a race, but in fact they were artists and architects who formed a society to explore  and conserve spiritual knowledge.  Eventually, Toltec masters were forced to conceal their ancient wisdom during the  European conquest of Mexico, but the knowledge was quietly passed down through the generations.  Ruiz’s mother and  grandfather both practiced Toltec traditions and taught Ruiz, who in turn hopes to guide others to personal freedom.

don Miguel Ruiz

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