My Action Timer

Get More Things Done Fast!

Quit “Spinning Your Wheels”,

Going To Bed Feeling Guilty You Wasted Your Day,

And Seeing More And More Stuff Pile Up In Your Life

From: Susan Karim

If you give me just a few minutes of your time, I promise to deliver back to you so much more in return.

In just a moment I will reveal to you a simple system you can begin using right now that will dramatically change your life.

This easy to use system will allow you to re-capture more hours in your day, more days in your week, and even more weeks in your year.

The system is the perfect solution for you if you regularly find yourself looking back at your life wondering what in the world happened to all your time and why you have very few results to show for it.

This system will help you take care of all the things you have to do on a regular basis, from the small stuff like checking email and reading the newspaper, to the more important tasks, like spending quality time with your family or building your business.

So, If you’re ready to learn…

Here’s The System!

The system consists of three simple steps:

1.  Write down all the things you want to get done for the day. Include everything from cleaning, laundry, filing, returning phone calls, homework, or planning your next project to answering your email and balancing your checkbook.

2.  Assign a specific amount of time to each task or group of tasks. Anything from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Blocks of 30 minutes or less work best.

3.  Select a task, start a timer, and focus on nothing but accomplishing that task. This means you don’t answer the phone, you don’t get up for a drink, and you don’t log onto Facebook. You remain completely focused on the task-at-hand!

If you practice these three simple steps regularly, it will totally revolutionize the way you get things done in your life – guaranteed!

It’s as if it awakens an unstoppable force inside you that’s been asleep for way too long.

Review the three steps again, then take 30 seconds and allow the structure and purpose behind these three steps to sink in. You’ll instinctively see the genius in the system.

Now, I can probably guess your next question…

Why Does It Work So Well?

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