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Have you ever had the opportunity to sit by a river and watch the undulating and graceful movement of the river grasses, which surrender themselves completely to the ebb and flow of the river?  Arching up through the water, they are firmly attached to a rock in the riverbed. Without this anchor, they would be carried away by the rushing current and would perish.  The upper part of these beautiful grasses has absolutely no resistance which gives it the ability to flow in an infinite dance of movements caused by the river’s ever-changing flow pattern.Independence_Grove_Libertyville_Illinois

Humans can learn from these gentle grasses – the delicate balance between discipline and freedom, routine and diversity, control and surrender, tradition and change. Too much of any of these opposite qualities creates problems.  We need to have discipline, routine, control, and tradition to give us a security base, a moral base, a sense of inner strength and stability to be able to handle the ever-changing circumstances in our lives.

Spiritual disciplines such as prayer, meditation, a healthy diet, introspection, exercise, and breathing techniques help us to find our center and develop inner stability and inner security.  Once we are able to do this, we are free to allow ourselves to flow with life; trusting our higher power, others, and our own selves.   We feel free from the fear of being harmed,  overcome, or swept off our feet.  The greater the connection we have with our inner security base, the more spontaneous and free we can allow ourselves to be.

Just like those river grasses, each of us needs to find our own way of connecting with ourselves and to the spiritual rock that lies within us, so that we may adjust and cope in a more relaxed way with the ever-changing ebbs and flows we encounter in the river of life.

Susan Karim

Your Personal Effectiveness Coach

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