Life Is A Balancing Feeling – Not An Act

Balance.  We see it when a tightrope walker nimbly walks across the high wire and marvel at their ability.  When we see a ballerina beautifully dancing en pointe we are amazed at her poise and ability to dance on such a small surface.  These are amazing acts of balance.  In life, though, balance is not an act – it is actually more of a feeling.  I am certain you know the feeling of being “out of balance”.  Chaos seems to rule, your temper is short, you don’t feel rested, etc.  When everything is in balance, the world seems right, we are happy, our families are happy and contentment is king.

Susan_Karim-150x150Although keeping life balanced is a challenge for every individual, men and women that work outside of the home have the added challenge of balancing at home and at work responsibilities.  When they feel as though they’ve achieved balance, most men and women generally say they feel happy, productive, empowered, in control, and energetic.

If you feel like this, you should take this very moment to celebrate because you’ve managed to achieve something that most only dream of! If, on the other hand, you don’t feel like this, you can join the ranks of well over half of the population. Many men and women are feeling like their lives are out of balance.  If you are one of them, then it is high time for you to make a change.

How do you know if your life could be more balanced?  Take a look at this simple checklist and answer:

- Do I feel like everything is out of control?

- Is it difficult for me to manage my time?

- Do I feel as if everything is pulling at me?

- Am I constantly worn down and tired?

- Do I feel as if I have few or no good choices?

- Do I react, rather than respond, during stressful moments?

- Do I spend all me time doing things for others, but no one seems to reciprocate?

If you answered “Yes” to most of these questions, be reassured, you’re not alone.

It’s not difficult to see why finding balance between work and home can be a daunting task when you’re feeling like this. Feeling out of balance makes it incredibly difficulty to make any sort of meaningful change because you exist in a state of chaos and a loss of control.  When you feel like this, it’s next to impossible to make change.

It is for this reason that so many men and women stay in a place of challenge. Think about it.  When we’re worn down, tired, feeling as though we have no good choices, and reacting horribly to those around us, we create a downward spiral that feeds itself. Usually it takes some type of major event to bump us onto another path. Fortunately, awareness is the key in all of this.  It is only when we are able to identify that sense of loss of control that we can begin to take it back.

If you can do nothing else right now, please consider taking two small, but significant, steps:  knowing and rest.  Knowing is acknowledging that things are not in perfect balance and empowering yourself to begin making the changes necessary to get back in balance.  Congratulations!  You have already taken this first step just by reading this article and making yourself more aware of your circumstances. The second step is rest. It sounds so simple, but it is key to jump starting this process.  You must get the rest you are lacking. No matter how much that little voice in your head tells you that you don’t need to sleep, argue back and go to bed!  Resting your mind and your body gives you the mental and physical strength and stamina you need to begin taking action toward a better future.

It’s likely that your first reaction will be to fight this solution, but acceptance and rest gives you the strength you need to implement the changes that will allow you to take back your life.

Now, stop reading, find a comfy spot, and take a well deserved rest.  Your life can hardly wait for you to return.

Susan Karim

Time Management and Personal Effectiveness Coach

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