Just Take Two Steps and the Goal is Yours!

Do you have a set of goals?  Have you begun working on them? In what ways are you working toward the achievement of your goals? What will keep you on your ultimate path?

It’s easy to get off track and caught up in the stuff we call every day life. Just like you, I know I have been off track in keeping up with my goals. After setting your goals and determining the ways you want to achieve them, how do you manage to stay on track?

When you have concrete goals that you wish to achieve, it is extremely easy to set the steps to achieve them. Sound easy?  The reality is you will only take control of each of your goals when you stop doing the things that you are doing. Take a good look at your life right now.  What does it look like? Did you work on any of the steps to achieve your goal? Remember, everything you did today will show up later. How, then, do you stay on track? Here are 2 simple steps to stay on track and achieve your goals:Susan_Karim

1. Hire A Coach or Seek Out a Mentor

This is one effective way to stay on track towards what you desire in life. A coach can guide you along the right path. There are coaches for every type of goal you might have from weight loss to relationships to business. Find the one that is right for you. In this challenging economy, it isn’t necessary to pay for assistance to achieve your goals.  Look around you.  Whom do you admire and has a knack for making things happen?  Some of the best coaches are those people we are friends with or whom we work with.  By approaching one of these people, not only do you ensure that you do what you are supposed to be doing to reach your goal, you have your own personal cheering section as you reach the milestones in your journey to achievement.

2. Stick With People That Have a Goal Similar To Yours

There are a multitude of organizations your area. If you are unable to locate one near to where you live, check on-line.  Many organizations have wonderful on-line communities that can help you clarify your goals and offer you support. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people can accelerate your steps towards your desired goal.

You are not alone.  Most people get off track on their goals at some point. When you find yourself at this point just stop and ask yourself,  “What I am doing right now? Am I working toward or away from my desired goal?”  Once you begin to take action on your top priorities you will gain more confidence, have more time power, and, more importantly, you will find that your goals are achieved.

Susan Karim

Time Management and Personal Effectiveness Coach

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