It’s Good To Be Kind

Kindness is generosity of our spirit. It springs to life when we give of ourselves and our time to be of help to others, without expecting anything in return. When you show kindness to someone, you bring out the best in yourself and you benefit from brightening up another persons day.

Its important to pay attention to the impact your behavior has on others and to notice your own feelings in association to their reactions. Think about how you feel when someone else shows you kindness. What you give away comes back to you in even greater quantity. When you are kind, you not only get an immediate payback in terms of the feel-good factor, you will also receive kindness from others in completely unexpected and unrelated ways.Susan_Karim

It is so easy to find ways to be kind to others: Say something supportive when you instinctively feel someone needs to hear it; offer help without being asked; smile encouragingly; swallow your criticisms; listen without judgement; let mistakes slide instead of assigning blame; make small sacrifices for the benefit of someone in greater need.

A great rule of thumb is to remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others as I’d have them do unto me and do unto myself as I’d do unto others. The second part is just as important as the first. It not good to be consistently kind to others and forget to be kind to yourself. You will run out of steam and be less able to show kindness to others if you don’t replenish your own mind, body, and spirit on a regular basis.

Being kind to yourself means getting your needs met, being gentle with yourself instead of critical when you feel you’re not performing at your best, and forgiving yourself when the need arises instead of beating yourself up. When you get in the habit of treating yourself with kindness, it becomes much easier to extend that same consideration and behavior to those around you.

Susan Karim

Time Management and Personal Effectiveness Coach

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