Sticky: How to Stop Procrastinating in 4 Easy Steps!

Procrastination prevents you from completing what needs to get done and makes you feel anxious and guilty.  We are all experts at this skill and could easily write about how to do it well.  Reverse the trend and unlearn your mastered procrastination skills with these simple tips:

1.  Focus on the starting line instead of the finish line.  Begin by defining the first step and write it down.  Projects are usually made up of a series of small tasks, so identify the first and next steps and you will get immediate satisfaction from checking them off your list.Susan_Karim

2.  Be gentle on yourself and make allowances for do-overs.  Larger projects should be viewed as a series of beginnings.  If you become distracted while working on a specific task, don’t get upset with yourself – just start all over again!

3.  Overplanning a project is just another word for procrastination – it makes you feel like you’re working, but in reality, you haven’t even begun.

4.  As important as it is to work on and finish a task or large project, it is just as important to schedule leisure time.  Indulge yourself by taking a ten minute break after working on your task for thirty minutes.  Not only will you reward yourself for staying on task, your body is entitled to a stretch, brisk walk or a snack.  It will keep you focused and alleviate mental and physical fatigue.   Plan on a special activity that you truly enjoy at the end of your work week or at the key points in your task.  These special plans are huge motivators and will motivate you to keep on going!

Susan Karim

Your Personal Effectiveness Coach

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