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Time management is better known as the way of performing tasks or jobs in the available number of hours in our waking day. It has become a necessity in today’s fast-paced life, as a person acts in many roles. One has to be committed in order to fulfill all of the responsibilities with complete perfection. While doing so, people find themselves perplexed as to how to approach and manage all the things they must do and still enjoy ample leisure hours.

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Time management is simply a way of planning and organizing so that all tasks are managed and targets or deadlines are clearly stated. The easiest way to begin is to simply sit down and write out the plan. The most vital factor is bridging the gap between expected and achieved. The following steps will help us to manage time perfectly:

· Target: First, fix a target in terms of what has to be achieved and in how much time. This provides an outline from which further planning can be undertaken.

· Planning: After ascertaining the needs and the hours required for each task, it is time to create the perfect balance between the two. Allocate a sufficient amount of time to each task to be performed so that the goal is achieved. Remember to stay flexible with the time allocation, as the actual amount of time needed can be different from what was originally planned.

· Setting Priorities: Next, tasks to be completed should be arranged in a descending order of priority. When the significance of each task is truly understood, managing the time becomes even easier.

· Time Schedule: The final step is to prepare a timetable. This visual aid helps to complete the work on time, to see the progress of each task and its sub-tasks and to meet the set goal effectively.

Following these simple time management strategies in a business or personal setting gives one the tools to become a more effective and efficient individual and gain something that we are all in need of – more time.

Susan Karim

Your Personal Effectiveness Coach

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