Don’t Run For Your Goals, Just Take Small Steps

Nature and instinct.  They teach us so many lessons as we go through the stages of life.  Unfortunately, we soon forget those life lessons and, instead, convince ourselves that there’s a better or easier way.

Susan_Karim-150x150Ask any parent how it was for their children to learn how to walk and they will describe the same basic scenario:  They went from lying on their back to rolling over to their tummy.  Next thing you know, they were scooting, reaching up, pulling themselves up, trying a few tentative steps and then they just let go and walked!  Some children hold on for longer others just let go and, in their parents eyes, just seem to take off running.

Alas, once we discovered we could run, we never stopped to enjoy where we were at to look back and see how we got to this wonderful place.  Instead, we are constantly looking ahead to the future, hoping to jump across the abyss into that magical land where our life is perfectly aligned.  When we were learning to walk, we took the falls in stride and got back up to try again until we mastered the ability.  When we don’t arrive at our “perfect” life on our timetable, we tend to lose hope and give up trying – bemoaning our fate to the rest of the world.

Where does our determination goes when we enter our teens or early adult years?  Many of us want to reap immediate results.  If it doesn’t come easily, we create a lot of noise and give up. Instead of giving up, we should revisit those early lessons and learn from them.

We are bombarded by all types of hype on the television, radio and internet.  Have you ever stopped to think about all of the ads we see and hear every day that promise something for little or no work?  Quick weight loss – just take a pill, five minutes on this machine and you will see immediate results, get rid of wrinkles just by putting on some cream, a home cooked meal in just five minutes from you microwave…they go on and on. Society has programmed us to believe that if we don’t get immediate results then it’s not good.  We have become victims to our perceived need for instant gratification.

So what’s the first step?  Consciously making the effort to change your way – starting with small steps. When you accept the fact that you will have to take many small steps to achieve the goals that you desire, you will have already taken the first step in the direction of your dreams.  Before long, you’ll be able to look back on all of the baby steps that you’ve taken — and the future that you dreamed about and waited for will be in the palm of your hands.

Your biggest challenge is to actually take a step back to the lessons you learned early in your life.  All those things you learned when you were less than 3 years of age will be your allies in working toward your goals.  Put simply, tiny steps work and they prevent you from falling flat on your face.

Take a deep breath and bravely, but with purpose, take your first small step today.  Remember, there’s not a quick fix to those things that mean the most to you.  Good things come to those who wait and persevere!

Susan Karim

Time Management and Personal Effectiveness Coach

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