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It’s not a secret that we are the creators of our own reality with our thoughts.  Everything that we are or that we have is manifested because we’ve have thought about it and wanted it.  Whether conscious or not, we bring things, people, and experiences to our lives through our thinking and visualization.  Much like the verse in the bible that says “ask and ye shall receive”, our life mirrors the same message:  ask, believe, and receive.
As with anything we do, it is essential to first clear our mind of the unnecessary clutter and chatter.  I’m certain that each of us has a spot that we go to in order to relax and reduce our stress.  Maybe it’s a comfy chair, a window seat, the park, the back yard, etc.  In this same vain, we need to have a special place where we can go and just clear our minds.  For some individuals, their “no stress zone” may work well.  For others, a completely different space may be more beneficial.  Whatever you choose, you need a space where you can let your mind think and wander instead of just relaxing and reducing your stress.  Use this space to think of your intentions in life or what you want and how you will get it.  Make this place as comfortable and inviting as you can. Personalize it with some of your favorite things – a plant, a small water fountain, candles, incense, meaningful treasures, or whatever brings you peace.

Now that you have designated a place to clear your mind, think about and decide what you want or what gift you want to receive.  It is important to have no other thoughts when you start to formulate what you really want.  It could be a million dollars, a job, to go back to school, to buy a house, etc.  Get the picture?  Just remember to dream big because your psyche will start acting.  It is for this reason that people often refer to someone going after a dream as being “psyched out”.

When you dream of something you really want, whether it is something you want to accomplish, own or be, you must be perfectly clear with yourself in order to start down the path toward your desired outcome.  To bring to fruition your desired outcome, you must be specific and ask for what you want.  If you say, “I want to lose weight”, then just saying it is not specific enough.  You should say, “I want to be healthy, live longer, eat less, and look better”.  The correct phrasing makes all the difference in turning your intentions into reality.

Because you can dream, think, and ask for what you want, you must also believe that you can achieve it.  In order to achieve what you want, you must be able to visualize it.  Many times basketball coaches will tell young people to “visualize” the ball going into the basket in order to score.  It has been scientifically proven that imagining something is as close to actually doing it.  If your thoughts and feelings are on the same level as what you want, you will raise your emotional bar and expand your imagination.  Thus, you have a great chance of being successful.

When you come to the realization that it is possible to achieve your dreams by visualizing them, you need to express your gratitude.  Get yourself a small journal or tablet of paper and write down all the things you are grateful for – big and small.  Making a list of everything you are grateful for sends even more intentions into the world and will bring even more good things to you.  It allows your unconscious mind to take on what you are capable of doing.  It also opens your heart to give gratitude for the beautiful life that you have received.  Gratitude should be an enormous part of your life and should come as natural as breathing.

Once you’ve cleared your mind, decided what you wanted, visualized having it and expressed gratitude for what you have, your request is heard.  The details of how it will happen will begin to fall into place.  Stay positive during this process by monitoring your feelings, but let go of trying to control things.

Whenever you start to feel down, sad or angry, give yourself a reminder of all the good that is to come.  Turn your feelings around so you will be surrounded by only good and positive vibes.  Read a book, listen to music, take a walk, listen to a motivational CD – just do something that will keep you inspired and feeling positive.

Be patient if your dreams do not come true in hours, days or even months.  Keep believing and sending out positive thoughts and feelings and continue to keep negative thoughts at bay.  Remember to be grateful and really enjoy your gift when you do receive it.  You worked hard to receive your gift, so bask in the joy and pleasure it brings to you.  When you ask, believe and receive, your life will be filled with an abundance of happiness and inspiration.  Enjoy your life and be inspired – life is good!

Susan Karim

Time Management and Personal Effectiveness Coach

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