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My name is Susan Karim and I am an up and coming inspirational and time management author. My busy life, and the need to be continually inspired and motivated, led me to develop Through this site, I intend to share my insights on motivation and time management and introduce you to some of the most interesting speakers and writers on these, and other, subjects.

I always knew that there had to be a better way to stay organized than my daily “to do” lists, so, with the support, expertise, and encouragement of my husband Pervaiz, we developed an automated version of my “to do” list we call “My Action Timer”. I now use “My Action Timer” to help me stay on track with my daily work, home, and family activities. It really works for me and I know it can do the same for every person juggling work, school, and home schedules!

So, you may ask, what is this “My Action Timer” thing all about?

If you’re ready to get your day into optimum shape, stay on target with your daily tasks and feel as if you have extra hours at your disposal, then get ready to use a virtual pen and paper to create an automated “to do” list as follows:

1. Write down every task you want to get done today.

2. Assign a specific block of time for completing each task
(such as 10, 15, 30 minutes, etc.).

3. Select one of your tasks, start your personal timer, and
focus on nothing else until that task is complete.

That’s all there is to it!

Simple, yes! Incredibly effective, YES!

That’s what “My Action Timer” is all about – and more.

We have filled our lives with so many activities – work, school, children, social obligations, hobbies, etc. While being active is a healthy thing, stressing out over how to cram in every obligation we have is not. Time management is the act of managing our obligations, plain and simple. Our approach needs to be realistic; otherwise we just set ourselves up to fail and repeat the vicious cycle all over again. Most of us think of time as something we possess but, in reality, time is simply a way for us to take stock of the moments of our life. We can’t own time or save it in an account to be used in the future. We can fondly look back on our past and dream about our future, but the reality is only where we are right now – the present moment. As Richard Gaylord Briley said, “Time is neither our friend nor our enemy. It is something that gets measured out to us, to see what we will make of it.”

Because of the above realization, I decided that this site needed to be developed. It is my goal to offer proven time management tools and tips that will transform your daily struggle to balance work, home and family life. It is my vision to share inspiration and wisdom through stories, articles, and videos written by myself and others – some well known and some unknown. It is my hope that every member and every visitor to this site will be uplifted by the messages I will be presenting. It is my desire is to offer you a variety of tools and means to make your daily journey in life more memorable, more thought provoking, and far more rewarding.

In addition to developing “My Action Timer” and writing articles for, I am a budding nature photographer, a gourmet chef, the mother to my active teenager Alyssa, and the proud wife to my inspiring and entrepreneurial husband Pervaiz. We reside in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

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This makes the Universe say YES even faster!


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