A Look Back – A Decade of Introductions

A decade has gone by since we ushered in the new millennium.  Everyone eagerly looked forward to the ball dropping, yet there was a modicum of fear – What would happen to our computers? Would electrical grids shut down?  Will tomorrow come?

In some respects, our worst fears were not realized.  But the planet was attacked by far more devastating events – wars, tsunamis, hurricanes, 9/11, terrorism, collapsed economies – the list goes on and on.

Time, though, continued to march on and with it came some of the most phenomenal inventions of the new century.  Sit back and remember some of the most society changing inventions and introductions of the decade!

  • 2000 – The Toyota Prius
  • 2001 – The Apple iPod
  • 2002 – American Idol
  • 2003 – Camera Phones
  • 2004 – Facebook
  • 2005 – You Tube
  • 2006 – Nintendo Wii
  • 2007 – The Apple iPhone
  • 2008 –  Speedo   LZR Racer
  • 2009 – Microsoft Window 7

Amazing what has invaded our lives in the past ten years…

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